The Gathering’s new album “Afterwords”

Dutch rock band, The Gathering have announced that their upcoming album will be released on 25th October, titled “Afterwords”. This is the 3rd studio album of the band to feature Silje Wergeland as the frontwoman since Anneke‘s departure on 2007. This new album will also feature the band’s former vocalist, Bart Smiths, the frontman of the band during their early years and released one album titled, “Always…”.

The track listing:
1. S.I.B.A.L.D.
2. Echoes keep growing
3. Afterwords
4. Turning In, Fading Out
5. Areas
6. Gemini III
7. Afterlights
8. Sleep Paralysis
9. Bärenfels

The video for Echoes Keep Growing and Afterwords were already uploaded in YouTube.


Here are some of the dates for their upcoming gigs:

  • 8 Nov. – De Nieuwe Pul Uden (NL)
  • 9 Nov. – De Peppel Zeist (NL)
  • 16.Nov. – Progpower Fest Oslo (NO)
  • 26 Nov. – Strasbourg, Laiterie (FR)
  • 27 Nov. – Lyon, Ninkasi Kao (FR)
  • 28 Nov. – Paris, Nouveau Casino (FR)
  • 29 Nov. – Rennes, Antipode (FR)
  • 30 Nov. – Lille, Splendid (FR)

Check out the band’s official website for more announcement and info.


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