A preview of Left 4 Dead 2’s “Journey to Splash Mountain”

Last week, I got to check the latest custom-made maps on the l4dmaps website, and I downloaded some maps and one of those is this campaign named “Journey to Splash Mountain”.The map is set on a big carnival (a bit different from an existing campaign, “Dark Carnival”) as a whole. You will go through the theme park houses, ride a water-coaster ride, get in to a horror house and a lot more. You will also have to find some piece of stuffs to enter a secret passage and on the final rescue, you have to fill up the gases on different cars and the pour it on the motor to start the helicopter. It’s adventurous and full of twists from the usual campaigns they had. Also, this campaign can be installed and played on the original Left 4 Dead game.

Now for some cons, the setting where it takes place is SOOOOO BIG and SO WIDE! You just literally have to check ALL possible ways to go through since all of them are open and it’s quite hard to find where to go. There are so many doors you can come in, so many passages you can go through in to and the area is super wide! SUPER!!! I actually had a hard time in determining any exits on its alleys. 😀

But overall, it’s a great campaign; just be patient to find your way through! Here are some of the screenshots that I’m able to took during my game play. Please note that I only used my cellphone camera and not an online scraping tool.

Check out more maps at the L4d Maps Website and play them with your friends!

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