Lunch at Pasto Italiano

I finished an early appointment about reaching lunchtime, so I decided to eat first before going on to my next appointment. Since, Paseo and Valero area in Makati were quite new to me (or I’m not that familiar), I decided to use the power of my looloo app to find the best place to eat lunch. Luckily, I find this place on the 3rd level of the Paseo center where there are so many restaurants as well. I have read a lot of raves so I decided to try myself.

There were only few customers that time so I sit on and make my order. I ordered the “Pollo cremo pasta” and their “Siena“, but too bad “Siena” was not available and they only have chocolate cake. So, i decided to change it to “Pollo panini” instead, plus a minerale watere! LOL

The place is cute and will give you a red cherry pop Italian feeling. The server was also cute, reminds me of a Korean girl that i can’t recall, but not that much though. Serving took faster than 10minutes maybe because I’m the only one eating, but sooner horded by zombies este lunch goers when the clock struck 12.

Serving is big enough for a single person IMO. My orders were good for 2 persons unless they ate a lot. The Pollo cremo pasta was so-so, so rich and I couldn’t even finish it. Everything is cheezy and delicious although the bread is not too good for me, i wish it was really a garlic bread though.

The panini on the other hand is great as well! The vegetable sidings with the panini was quite sour, maybe because of the cheeze or vinaigrette? But yeah, it’s still good! And maybe I’ll give it a try again next time if I’ll be destined here again some time.

Original review written for looloo | Check out this resto’s menu

3F Paseo Center, 8757 Paseo de Roxas cor. Sedeno St.
Salcedo Village, Makati


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