Wee Nam Kee – The Taste of Singapore

We were planning to dine actually at other restaurants around High Street, but when we’ve learnt that this resto is just around, we changed our minds and get here instead. The resto is located at Serendra Piazza, in front of Abe if my memory is still good, and just across DUO and Powerbooks).

We got their Honey Crispy Squid, Marmite Pork ribs and a cup of Wee Nam Kee chicken rice each.

The pork ribs was juts okay, nothing too remarkable. It was quite bland for me, and I can’t explain how it tastes like. The chicken rice’s serving was not actually a cup, but at least in my point of view. Also, this one is also bland and tastes nothing on me. Can you believe that!? 😦

However, the squid just saved my rating for this resto. I so like it, it’s sweet and then spicy and it’s really good! I would want to have this more ’cause it’s not cloying. The more you chew, the more it tastes really good!

Serving time is fast; great customer service and the place is really peaceful! Anyway, will surely go back here to try the other food they have!

Original review written for looloo | Check out this resto’s menu

Wee Nam Kee – Hainanese Chicken Rice
Serendra Piazza, Taguig

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