#ScrapPork – A new chapter of fighting against Graft & Corruption

Ever since the DARKEST SECRETS of the government has been revealed about the billions of taxes stolen by the politicians, Filipinos unite once more on the Million People March which took place at the Ayala Avenue, Makati. What is this pork am I telling you about? This is not the meat itself, but it’s called “Pork Barrel”. Now what is Pork barrel!? Let’s ask Wikipedia about it: click here.

And here’s the history of Pork barrel in the Philippines:
In the Philippines, the term “pork barrel” is used to mean funds allocated to the members of the Philippine House of Representatives and the Philippine Senate to spend as they see fit without going through the normal budgetary process or through the Executive Branch. It can be used for both “hard” projects, such as buildings and roads, and “soft” projects, such as scholarships and medical expenses.

Beginning in 2006, the amount was ₱70.0 M for each Representative and ₱200.0 M for each Senator. This pork barrel system was stopped by President Ferdinand Marcos during his dictatorship but was reintroduced by President Corazon Aquino in 1986.[citation needed] The program has had different names over the years, including the Countryside Development Fund, Congressional Initiative Fund, and currently the Priority Development Assistance Fund.

During the presidency of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the PDAF became the biggest source of corruption among the legislators. Kickbacks were common and became syndicated–using pre-identified project implementers including government agencies, contractors and bogus non-profit corporations as well as the government’s Commission on Audit.

In August 2013, outrage over the ₱10 B Priority Development Assistance Fund scam, involving Janet Lim-Napoles and numerous Senators and Representatives, led to widespread calls for abolition of the PDAF system. This also included the pork barrel funds of President Aquino that amounted to several billions of pesos. The Million People March which occurred on August 26, 2013, National Heroes’ Day in the Philippines, called for the end of “pork barrel” and was joined by simultaneous protests nationwide and by the Filipino diaspora around the world.

So I guess you now saw and have some hints why Filipinos are having these hashtags: #ScrapPork, #PorkBarrelScam, #MillionPeopleMarch.

Here is the photo of the said “Pork Barrel Queen”, Janet-Lim Napoles. (courtesy of Rappler.com)

And since the money runs in the family, her lovely daughter seems to enjoy the RICH and FAMOUS lifestyle. She used to “blog” EVERYTHING. Her clothes, her party, everything and that makes it even clear that our taxes are paying for this lady’s lavish lifestyle. Clearly isn’t it!?

Check these links for the full articles:
Napoles’ daughter blogs about lavish lifestyle
Napoles daughter owns P80M LA property

Now, it is YOU who can judge!

If you want to know more about Pork Barrel issues in the Philippine government, you can check these articles below. I am not capable of writing much with these issues yet or else my article will look bland and out of the way.

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Anti-pork barrel sentiment drives largest protest under Aquino

More rallies in the works until ‘pork’ system abolished

BPO workers call for tax holiday

Again, I am one of the Filipinos standing, shouting and fighting against the Pork Barrel.

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