Driving/Dining in at Behrouz

Last weekend, me and my friends will be watching “Gravity” supposedly at Trinoma. But it all changed when we all felt hunger while on the road going to Greenhills (shortcut to Santolan then to EDSA). We’re passing Wilson when we noticed that there’s a branch of Behrouz Persian Cuisine here, so we immediately dropped here to have our dinner before watching.

We ordered for chicken kebabs, lamb kebabs and beef kebabs plus bunch of pita breads. Serving time took 10-15 minutes. The place itself looks smaller than their branch in Timog, but looks cleaner. The serving of their kebabs are much larger than the one we had in Timog with the same prices.

Food itself is good; their pita breads also taste better here. Customer service is so-so!

Original review written for Looloo

Behrouz Persian Cuisine
213 Wilson St., Greenhills, San Juan


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