Sunday Night at iHop

I met my ex-colleague last night at iHop for dinner. Supposedly, we were about to dine in somewhere else but we’re both hungry and she’s curious about the fuzz here, so we decided to just “hop in” here.

We easily got tables and ordered our food. I got the “Specialty Broccoli Cheese Omelette” and the “Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancake”.

We were chatting so i haven’t noted of the serving time. Then the food came and we suddenly have that moment of silence while eating. The omelette itself is totally good, it was cheezy yes, the broccoli is superfine. What can i ask for? But then, sooner as you eat it, it became boring though.

The pancake on the other hand is not good. Why? Is it normal that this pancake is too dry? I don’t know either cause it’s just my 2nd time here and the first time to try their pancakes. The taste? It’s not good as well. I haven’t even tasted chocolate on it. So I decided to just pour all over the different syrups on the side to finish it with a better taste. Owwwwmeeeeyyynnn!

Original review written for Looloo | Check their menu here

IHOP Restaurant
30th St. corner 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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