18 Years of PlayStation

I can still remember those days when I was still paying around 20 bucks for an hour play of PlayStation in a local gaming shop. I can still remember that I always play Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix using controller only, the Toshinden Subaru, Crash Team Racing or the CTR and Final Fantasy IX. Feels like the memories of my childhood days are coming back once more while writing the words of this post.

Image source: http://www.underconsideration.com/

Sony made the PlayStation and it was first released in December 1994 in Japan. Then, it was released in other continents like North America and Europe in 1995. Sooner, the PlayStation collection has emerged and recently on a press conference held last 20th February 2013; that an upcoming successor to 2006 PlayStation3 will be launched November 2013, and that will be the “PlayStation4” or the PS4. Read more here on the Wikipedia page.

Here’s an advertisement of the PS years (the hashtag #PlayStationMemories) since its beginning and showcasing its most recent release, which is the PS4.


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