MAYAN talks about upcoming album “Antagonise”

Dutch metal band, MaYan fronted by Mark Jansen (of EPICA) together with Jack Driessen (ex-AFter Forever) and Frank Schiphorst will be releasing their second album on January 31, 2014, titled “Antagonise”. The new album was produced by Joost van der Broek, with guest appearances by Floor Jansen (Nightwish, ReVamp), Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion) and the Greek violinist Dimitris Katsoulis.

The main theme of the album has been posted by the band on their Facebook account saying:
“It’s dealing with the current state of the world in which a small group of elites have all the power and try to dominate humanity. The tension is rising and the outcome yet unknown.”

Here’s Mark’s comments about the upcoming album:
“Stefan doesn’t need any directions; he reads the lyrics and comes up with a phenomenal piece of art. That’s why we love working with this guy!

“When Snowden revealed the information about the mass electronic surveillance data mining program called Prism, what quite some people already thought became a proven fact. We all have been spied on for many years and all our data has been backed up and safely stored. It can be used any time it’s needed. All of this in the name of ‘war against terrorism,’ which, in fact, basically is a cover-up and a way to bring fear to people in order to get them under control. This trick has already been used many times in the past. History just keeps repeating itself.

“The media were covering the story, but politicians around the world, and in Europe in particular, didn’t know how to react and remained silent. America is an ally, and not just a little one.

“Since it became clear that the NSA (and let’s not forget about their British partners in crime of the GCHQ) have also been spying on many world leaders, things have changed. Now it’s finally all over the news!

“Is this the beginning of a turning point in history? Or will we allow a small group of elites to take all our freedom away for their own benefits?

“The constitution, the basis of our democracy, is not being respected.

“Don’t get yourself fooled, this is not in our interest.

“If you want to see the truth, you’ll see the truth.

“We are what we eat!? A bunch of chickens, imprisoned and fully under control with no freedom whatsoever. This is what we will possibly become. If we let it all just happen…

“George Orwell, eat your heart out.”

Track listing:
1. Bloodline Forfeit
2. Burn Your Witches
3. Redemption – The Democracy Illusion
4. Paladins Of Deceit – National Security Extremism Part 1
5. Lone Wolf
6. Devil In Disguise
7. Insano
8. Human Sacrifice
9. Enemies Of Freedom
10. Capital Punishment
11. Faceless Spies – National Security Extremism Part 2

The current of line-up of MaYan:
Mark Jansen – grunts & screams
Henning Basse – vocals
Laura Macri – soprano
Jack Driessen – keys
Frank Schiphorst – guitars
Rob van der Loo – bass
Arien van Weesenbeek – drums

The band will present the new album with 2 release shows in 30th January at Mezz Club, Breda and 31st January at Tivoli, Utrecht.

Tickets are available now!
Tivoli: Click here.
Mezz: Click here.

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