Fuel up!

Do you ever notice why most runners nowadays have their earphones plugged in their ears? Or even those working out on a gym?

Based on NYTimes article written by Gretchen Reynolds titled “How Music Can Boost Our Workout”, listening to music while exercising makes the exercise easier. She also mentioned that music might have an effect on workouts, let alone whether the impact would be qualitatively different than when exercisers passively listen to music pumped through gym speakers or their ear buds. AskMen.com even listed down their Top 10 workout songs which are way effective for working out.

Well, we all have our own playlist I guess, since we all have our iPods and music players with us. Since sharing is caring, I will be sharing 10 of the best songs from my Workout playlist that really fuels me up!

10. Brother Firetribe – I Am Rock

“I Am Rock” is a powerful starter for workout! Catchy song, melodic and good for those who just started running!

9. Green Day – Basket case

This is one of the best songs by Green Day ever! Trippy and will keep you going through your workout!

8. Megadeth – Symphony of destruction

Who says heavy metal songs are not perfect for workout? This song contains one of the best “trippy and catchy” riffs made by Megadeth.

7. Gamma Ray – Heavy metal universe

A truly motivating track! The song is way beyond awesome, you would even thought of listening to a soundtrack of sci-fi movie, right? Also, don’t bother with the explosion in the beginning, it wasn’t included on the original track (a fan video it is).

6. After Forever – Energize Me

From the track itself, this progressive metal track by After Forever will surely energize your workout! Heavy yet melodic and not distorted to the ears!

5. Ladyhawke – My delirium

I’m a big rock and metal fan but no doubt that I still have a soft spot for pop songs and the kind. This song literally drives me crazy when I’m working out! Trippish, upbeat and very light moody! Just don’t mind about the sudden end of the video though. 😀

4. No Doubt – Spiderwebs

Ska-punk at its best! No Doubt seemed to always have the finest upbeat music over the years, and this ones a gem that is always on my Tripping playlists.

3. Lifehouse – Days go by

Like main man Jason Wade mentioned on this live performance, the song is like about having fun and sort of Beach boys stuff. Thus, working out is also having fun!

2. Nightwish – Last ride of the day

This song deals about a roller coaster ride, says Tuomas Holopainen (Keyboard, Composer); as well as working out, full of thrill but fun to do so!

1. ACDC – Highway to hell

Who would ever replace this AC/DC’s classic as an ultimate motivator for workout especially for running!? Nuff said!

Since I am more into rock and metal songs, there are zero sights of pop music maybe except from Ladyhawke, but I do love her tunes. I’m more oriented with these kind of songs and it gives me a lighter approach to my daily workout! Enjoy your workout!

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