Weekend Booze!

We went here at the Kuwago’s Grill last Saturday night after chilling out at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Greenbelt 5. We thought it was a good idea since most of them wanted to drink except for me, of course. LOL

We came around 23:00, the Valdez street became the street parking since they don’t have a parking space. The bar was fully packed that night. We sat somewhere I couldn’t describe though! 😀 We got buckets of Red horse beer (oh deym! My abstinence for Red horse beer ended that night, and that’s for more than a year. Lol). We also got finger foods like chicharong bulaklak, fishballs n kikiam, onion rings and cheesesticks.

The beer was not that cold anymore, and that’s a minus point for me. I never get used to drinking beer in a glass, I usually drink it on the bottle itself. Anyway, the food we had were okay. The chicharong bulaklak was meh for me, not to mention the vinegar was bland. The fishballs n kikiam were good, too bad there’s no manong’s sauce, was it normal? The cheesesticks were great somehow. The onion rings were fine on its own. Lol.

I also loved it that the band played that night had a great setlist of songs. Not to mention that I thought she lacked support with her singing, but her voice was good on its own ways. It’s just some songs don’t fit her vocal style like songs from Up Dharma Down and Mojofly, which needs a darker and agile voice for higher notes. Wait, this is NOT a gig review, sorry!

Anyway.. I think the only things that I didn’t like that night was the lukewarm beer and I had to follow-up for a glass of water for 4x. Nyay!

On the photo: my friend, David belting out some Matchbox 20 hit!!!

Kuwagos Grill Bar and Restaurant
Kaja Building, Makati Avenue cor. Valdez Street, Poblacion, Makati City

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