Looloo rendezvous at Brasas!

Last weekend, I went to one of the most amazing gathering I’ve ever attended to. Why!? Is it because of what!? Answer is, it’s a rendezvous of a big community of amazing people that share the same interests and enthusiasm with….eating!!!

Prior to the rendezvous scheduled by 13:45 at SM Jazz Mall, I already went to 3 different destinations for some duties and such. I didn’t have any food intake (just water and I could recall I have a piece or 2 of munchkins) or else I’ll surely be late ‘cause that Saturday was fully booked. Fast forward to the meet-up, I met the loolooers at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for few minutes of chit chats.

After a few more minutes, we headed towards our main destination for the rendezvous – Brasas!!

Everybody seemed to try this place out except for me, so it was a great opportunity for me as a first timer of this place. We are first being accommodated by the people behind Brasas, and they told us the stories behind the place. One of their chefs, named Nathaly even shown us a demo of making one of their specialties called “Pupusas”.

After a while, we all made our orders and badly, I can’t recall them all. Here are some of those I could still remember:

Beef heart, Tenderloin on a stick, Caribe, Carne asada platter, Patacones, Empanadas latinas, Pupusas. Sooner, our food arrived and our tables were almost full of different dishes. I was able to try a lot of different dishes and here are some:

Caribe – a refreshing drink, although I even drink more water than it. It has 3 different flavors and man; this is not your ordinary juice!

Beef heart – not included in their menu but chef allowed us to try this one. And it’s amazingly good! Tastes like bbq! Now I finally had a clue how a heart tastes like.

The tenderloin on stick – good on its own!

Carne Asada Platter – I found this one unique, never had this kind of dishes before and I like it. Although sometimes, the taste of the beef reminds me of kebabs? And the spanish rice was tasty and delish.

Patacones – taste like banana chips, but the toppings taste better!

Empanadas Latinas – I’m not a big Empanada fan (although I tried some different brands before) but this one changed my mind. It’s really delicious and perfect even without its dip!

Pupusas – this was what Chef Nathaly shown us before our “eating time”. I simply like it on its own, even without the toppings (or garnish?) on top of it.

I can’t remember the name of the 4 dishes we tried for dessert, but they’re all good. Not too sweet and has a unique taste, which is good at least, not like the common ones around. I especially like that “tortas” or something with “de leches” something or the white fluffy cake.

The staffs were friendly and even care to talk and have some jokes with us. They’re very accommodating and polite to their customers. Not to mention that we asked one of their staffs to took photo from 3 different phones…

It’s really a well spent day with the delicious and one of a kind dishes accommodated with the amazing people of Looloo! Sorry if i can’t mention you all here, but it’s been a pleasure to meet y’all! And that has been the main reason why this is a 5-star review!

Photos courtesy of Looloo social media account:

Try the Looloo app and discover the places you’ll surely love!!!

SM Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia
Bel-Air, Makati


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