Sundate Pizza with friends!

Last night, we actually don’t know where to eat so we use the special power of Explore button using our Looloo app. It helps us find the nearest restaurants around the area, checked their menu and even the reviews; and so, we all agreed to dine in at Don Henrico’s Pizza. It has been also the best option since most of the other restos were full.

We ordered for Caesar Salad, Baked Mussels, Tutto De Mare & 10″ The Meat Pizza.

Serving time took 10-15 minutes. They first served the Caesar salad. To be honest, their salad taste quite better than any other salads I’ve tried so far. It’s almost the same level with Kitchen‘s.

The Baked mussels were okay and I limit myself for eating 3 of those. Ya know! 😀

Tutto de Mare pasta supposed to be spicy, but we requested if they could tone down the spice level to 50%. But it ended up just normal, not even at 10% spiciness. Well at least, we all like it. The pasta is superfine, the squid and shrimp were all cooked very well.

The Meat pizza was so-so! It’s like 80% meat and 20% crust, something like that. It’s really really good! At least, not oily but the taste of the overall toppings were present and you’ll surely crave for more!

The customer service was great! They’re all polite and customer friendly. I think they all just need to improve the cleanliness of their tables and especially the plates. It’s quite dusty!

2/F Glorietta 1, East Drive,
Ayala Center, Makati City

Original review written for Looloo. Try the Looloo app now and discover the places you’ll surely love!

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