Winning our hearts back at Kanto Freestyle!

I can still remember how disappointed I am when we last came in here at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. It was around 20:30 and the place was fully packed. We got our tables about after 5 minutes of waiting and we got our orders. The server took our order and then at least, she notified us that the orders would be served in 2 hours. WHATTT!? Seriously, 2 hours!? No way, so we left that night and we put this one at our hatelist of foodspot around.

But it changes last Saturday night.. After the rendezvous with my co-loolooers, me and my friends went to the We Legendary shop located at Ronac Art Center, to bought some shoes. After an hour of waiting and fitting the shoes (many buyers went that night since their 3-day sale will end by Sunday), we thought of eating somewhere before going home. We all agreed to have some light meals for tonight, and an idea of going to Kanto Freestyle just popped out when we thought of places along Mandaluyong City.

We came in around 22:00, and there were only few customers dining in. I suddenly realize, it’s been almost 6 months since we last came here. And now we’re back! I ordered for Pancakes with bacon & eggs, since I already tried the other Pancake dishes here.

Surprisingly, the orders were served after about 10 minutes. Wow that was an improvement! And their crew were more friendly this time, which is always a good thing for customers!

The food itself was good. The pancakes were fluffy and made perfect, the bacon and eggs were also done very well and superfine! That’s a good impression of this place! Very nice! They have really won our hearts back at this place!

San Joaquin St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila


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