Late night cheesecake!

I was craving for something sweet after having a very short “nomo session” with my friends at their condominium unit. Luckily, there was this nearest cafe around the area that time, which is the BeanPerk Coffee shop along Calbayog Street.

I ordered for their 2 varieties of cheesecake, which are the White chocolate cheesecake and Blueberry cheesecake respectively. (only if i could still remember the name of the first one correctly). I took it on-the-go!

When I got home, I immediately taste it. The white one is so good and delicious. Although it’s kind of too sweet but I like the mixture of white chocolate toppings with its cheesy layer cake. Perfectly paired!

The blueberry one, on the other hand, is bland! Seriously, it tastes bland. The blueberry toppings were good but the cake itself tastes nothing. Nyay!

My mom also thought the same thing when I shared it with her. And she even ate and finished the 3/4 of the white one.

As for the customer service… I must say, they have lovely server! 😀 The serving was fast since there were only few customers that night, well it’s almost around 23:00.

BeanPerk Coffee shop
Calbayog St. cor. Domingo M. Guevarra St.,
Mandaluyong City

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