Snack time at Chowking

I went here at Chowking to get myself a snack after buying some medicines for my stomach flu. The main reason was to get a hot bowl of noodles or wanton mami, and so I ordered for a regular Asado Siopao and Beef Wanton Mami.

The siopao was good on its own, although I felt like craving for more maybe because of its size. The Beef Wantom Mami was supposedly great. The serving was generous and the noodles were superfine and not overcooked or bad; but, as soon as I’m eating it, I felt like I’ve had enough of it. There’s this “nakakasawa” taste as soon as you consume it. Also, the soup itself easily got cold so it didn’t taste that good anymore. Better finish it when it’s still warm, I guess.

Boni Ave. cor. Sto. Rosario St., Mandaluyong

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