“First Time” – A Ramen Journey

It was a Friday night and I do not know where to go, at the same time, I don’t know where to eat. I went out from work and decided to go to Greenfield District in Crossing to hunt for food. With the use of Looloo, I got to see different restaurants and newly established ones around the area. When I saw Ramen Bar, I decided to give it a shot since I’m quite curious about Ramen and why many people loved it.

I was warmly welcomed by one of their servers and seated at the back side of the place. Their places was like a straight forward restaurant suitable for casual Japanese dining; lesser decors but more tables and chairs for customers. The place actually looked so neat and clean.

I got myself a bowl of Spicy Karaage Ramen and Gyoza for appetizers. My order came in fast, about 10-15 mins, maybe because they don’t have much customers that night.

I had the Gyoza first and I love it. These fried dumplings were cooked very well at its best. I have eaten some sort of dumplings before but this is great, and it’s one of their best-sellers!

And then here we have the Big bowl of Spicy Karaage Ramen, and seriously I never expected it this big. The serving was oh so filled with these toppings that I can’t figure out. All i know is, they taste very well and compliment with each other. The noodles were super thick and fine but very long.

I also told the server if he could minimize the spicy level to the weakest one and he said yes. But, when i taste it, I asked myself “Seriously, is this even mild?”. My eyes started to drool that night. LOL. I only consumed 1/3 of the bowl and couldn’t even finished it due to its size. I’ve only finished the Gyoza though. These big bowls would be good & suggested (IMHO) for sharing, unless you have a bigger space for food than I do.

The customer service was excellent! Attentive, fast and polite servers!

Will i ever get back here? Hmm maybe? But, will just try their rice bowls if ever I’ll be alone…. again.

Greenfield District, The Hub, Mayflower St., Mandaluyong City

Original review written for looloo, and edited on purpose for this blog post. Try the looloo app now!

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