This blog is created only by Russel, that’s me! Hello by the way! I created this blog as how I want it to be — to share thoughts, things and stuffs and what’s in about me. I am open for any comments and suggestions for the improvement of my blog. This is actually a revamped version of my old blog (Rust and Soul), and hoping I won’t be lazy in the long run!

What’s new?
Basically, my posts are the things ABOUT myself; things I see, I do, I eat, I went to and some other stuffs.

I have separated each topics by categories and pages. Here’s to give you some info about it:

MUSIC – Contains music reviews, music suggestions and recommendations and ALL music-related stuffs.
TASTEBUDS – My favorite section! You can see a lot of food here, yes; it’s either home-cooking, resto food, street food, everything.
PLACES – I like going out and doing travels, so this place is reserve for these adventures.
FILMS – I’m a movie-goer and a wanna-be critic! Expect some few words (rave or rant) about the film I watched.
LIFESTYLE – Being a foodie needs to be healthy too. Let’s stay healthy and focus on greatness!
EVENTS – What’s latest and what’s happening around? Expect some cool shows or some of the latest scoops in this section.
LITERATURE – Some creative stuffs created during spare time.
RANDOM – Ahhh.. nothing more than a random post, about something I want to share!

Talk to me!
If you would like to ask me a question or talk to me, feel free to do so as my Social media accounts are just on the sidebar.

Say something

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