Today’s workout

Since I haven’t continued my running workout yesterday, I decided to go with in on a Thursday morning. Although I only got 4 hours of sleep and a runny nose, I still manage to make my running good. Not to mention that at the middle of my running, I felt like I needed to pee. So after hitting the 5KM, I decided to wrap it up and immediately did a 15-minute cool down, or else my bladder will explode on the streets! Yikes!

Anyway, not a bad result after all..

One song from the playlist that boosted my energy somehow..

Oi Va Voi – “Waiting”

Fuel up!

Do you ever notice why most runners nowadays have their earphones plugged in their ears? Or even those working out on a gym?

Based on NYTimes article written by Gretchen Reynolds titled “How Music Can Boost Our Workout”, listening to music while exercising makes the exercise easier. She also mentioned that music might have an effect on workouts, let alone whether the impact would be qualitatively different than when exercisers passively listen to music pumped through gym speakers or their ear buds. even listed down their Top 10 workout songs which are way effective for working out.

Well, we all have our own playlist I guess, since we all have our iPods and music players with us. Since sharing is caring, I will be sharing 10 of the best songs from my Workout playlist that really fuels me up!

10. Brother Firetribe – I Am Rock

“I Am Rock” is a powerful starter for workout! Catchy song, melodic and good for those who just started running!

9. Green Day – Basket case

This is one of the best songs by Green Day ever! Trippy and will keep you going through your workout!

8. Megadeth – Symphony of destruction

Who says heavy metal songs are not perfect for workout? This song contains one of the best “trippy and catchy” riffs made by Megadeth.

7. Gamma Ray – Heavy metal universe

A truly motivating track! The song is way beyond awesome, you would even thought of listening to a soundtrack of sci-fi movie, right? Also, don’t bother with the explosion in the beginning, it wasn’t included on the original track (a fan video it is).

6. After Forever – Energize Me

From the track itself, this progressive metal track by After Forever will surely energize your workout! Heavy yet melodic and not distorted to the ears!

5. Ladyhawke – My delirium

I’m a big rock and metal fan but no doubt that I still have a soft spot for pop songs and the kind. This song literally drives me crazy when I’m working out! Trippish, upbeat and very light moody! Just don’t mind about the sudden end of the video though. 😀

4. No Doubt – Spiderwebs

Ska-punk at its best! No Doubt seemed to always have the finest upbeat music over the years, and this ones a gem that is always on my Tripping playlists.

3. Lifehouse – Days go by

Like main man Jason Wade mentioned on this live performance, the song is like about having fun and sort of Beach boys stuff. Thus, working out is also having fun!

2. Nightwish – Last ride of the day

This song deals about a roller coaster ride, says Tuomas Holopainen (Keyboard, Composer); as well as working out, full of thrill but fun to do so!

1. ACDC – Highway to hell

Who would ever replace this AC/DC’s classic as an ultimate motivator for workout especially for running!? Nuff said!

Since I am more into rock and metal songs, there are zero sights of pop music maybe except from Ladyhawke, but I do love her tunes. I’m more oriented with these kind of songs and it gives me a lighter approach to my daily workout! Enjoy your workout!

This morning’s workout and some tips..

Last night, I told myself that I should do my running workout this morning before going to work. Although last night wasn’t that good since I’m having an allergic reaction before I fell asleep. I woke up about 30 minutes late from the supposed time I should wake up when I’m running. Bad uh!? Worse is I’m having a stuffy nose and soon I started sneezing over and over again. I felt like sleeping again but can’t go back to sleep anymore. So I get up on bed, and started my warm-up exercise since I decided to go for a quick run today.

Maybe you would ask me “Why? You’ve had colds but still, you decided to go for a run?” or maybe “Is it bad to go for a run when you have cold?” Well that’s actually a simple question I had in mind before making my decision. And yes, I found an answer, a very helpful answer!

Based on an article I found at, written by Debra Ronca; she mentioned that running is meditative, burns calories, builds your endurance and tones your body. Yes, that many people find the activity addictive as well as me. Now, she pointed out why people still continue with their running regimens even when they’re sick. She stated that most of sick people will curl up in bed, take a rest and have some hot soup with them; but some others don’t, instead, they still go out for a run even with they have colds.

Since I had the same situation at that moment, I found out more that the best way to decide whether it is safe to go for an exercise or not is to have this “neck check”, as the doctors call it as it is.

She emphasize that a person is free to go running if his/her cold is “above the neck” which specifies the following symptoms:
– Runny nose
– Nasal congestion
– Sneezing
– Sore throat
So, if you have those symptoms, feel free to go running or business as usual, but be more careful.

Doctors advise against proceeding with your exercise regimen if your symptoms are “below the neck”, however. The symptoms include:
– Chest congestion
– Hacking cough
– Nausea or upset stomach
– High fever
– Fatigue
– Body and muscle aches

She also includes in her article that some people think that running in cold temperatures will actually make them sick, which isn’t true. You can’t freeze your lungs or windpipe. Your body heats the air you breathe. When the air is particularly cold, you may feel a burning in your chest as you inhale. If that’s the case, try covering your mouth with a scarf or wearing a ski mask. That’ll help heat up the air before you inhale it.

Keep in mind, though, if you have an infection in your chest or throat, running outside can indeed make things worse (according to the below-the-neck rule). But if you have a simple head cold, it should be fine to take that run, even if it’s cold outside. The adrenaline running provides can even help clear up a stuffy head.

Always remember to know your limits and always listen to what your body is telling you.

Anyway, here’s a good result of my running workout this morning. Having colds but felt better after doing a quick run!

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Today’s workout


Back to my running workout… I recently encountered a not so good Monday yesterday. First, there are signs and possibilities that my asthma went back. Second, my insomnia is striking me very bad. As a result, my breathing wasn’t good after all.

So i went to bed early last night and decided to go for a run today even just for 5km. So, here’s to hoping for a better me in the next days! Stay healthy and keep positive! 🙂

9 Best Foods for Diabetics

I stumbled upon these tip discussing about the 9 best foods that are good for Diabetic persons. These foods can help manage blood sugar levels or even reverse early-stage high blood-sugar problems. This post originally posted from Reader’s Digest website.

High in soluble fiber, oats are slower to digest than processed carbs. Eat them and you’ll release glucose into the bloodstream more slowly, which will prevent spikes in your blood-sugar levels. In a 2012 study from Sweden’s Karolinska University, researchers found that eating four servings of whole grains daily reduced the risk for developing prediabetes by 30 percent. Other research shows that if you eat whole grains you experience less inflammation, which could lower the odds of your developing insulin resistance, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

This sweet seasoning contains a compound called hydroxychalcone, which may stimulate insulin receptors on cells and, in turn, improve your body’s ability to absorb blood sugar. Researchers from the University of California-Davis recently reviewed eight different studies on cinnamon and reported that about half to one teaspoon a day lowered fasting blood sugar levels by an average of nine points among people with diabetes. Sprinkle the fragrant spice onto oatmeal or add a dash to a cup of coffee.

ating more whole fruits, particularly grapes, blueberries, and apples, was significantly associated with a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, according to a Harvard study published in the British Medical Journal in 2013. People who ate at least two servings each week of certain whole fruits reduced their risk for type 2 diabetes by as much as 23 percent when compared to those who ate less than one serving per month. Eating the whole fruit seems to be key, though; researchers found that fruit juice drinkers faced as much as a 21 percent increased risk of developing diabetes.

Olive Oil
This Mediterranean staple is rich in monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), which may improve insulin sensitivity. A Spanish study found that people who ate plenty of these good fats at breakfast had better insulin sensitivity throughout the day than those whose morning meal rich was in saturated fat or carbohydrates. MUFAs may also help zap belly fat, which can contribute to inflammation and increase type 2 diabetes risk.

These little legumes pack a powerful punch for diabetics, with a winning combination of high-quality carbohydrates, lean protein, and soluble fiber that helps stabilize the body’s blood-sugar levels and keeps hunger in check. An Archives of Internal Medicine study found that type 2 diabetes patients who ate more legumes had improved blood sugar control and reduced their risk of heart disease.

Eggs provide a great dose of satiating protein (6 grams per whole egg), and are a healthy choice compared to many meats. For people with diabetes, nutrition experts do recommend limiting yolks to about three times a week, but you can have whites more often. One large egg white has about 16 calories and 4 grams of protein, notes nutritionist Joy Bauer, RD on her website, making them a “perfect food for blood sugar control, not to mention weight-loss or maintenance.”

The calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D in milk, cheese, and yogurt make your body more sensitive to insulin, according to the 2-Day Diabetes Diet. In fact, Harvard Medical School researchers have found that every daily dairy serving reduces risk for insulin resistance by more than 20 percent. French research has also found that people who consume two daily dairy servings are about 26 percent less likely to develop high blood-sugar problems.

All vegetables are crucial to a healthy diabetes diet, but leafy greens pack a particularly powerful punch. Rich in nutrients such as magnesium and vitamin K, kale and its cousins have been linked to better blood sugar control, according to the Reader’s Digest 2-Day Diabetes Diet book. Cruciferous veggies also contain a compound called sulforaphane, which has anti-inflammatory properties that help control blood sugar and protect blood vessels from cardiovascular damage.

Ample research shows people with the highest blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids—fish is one of the best sources—have less body-wide inflammation, which leads to and worsens diabetes and weight problems. Since fatty meats can raise your risk for high blood sugar, according to a 2008 study from the University of Minnesota, swap them out for leaner options, like fish or skinless poultry.

Money Problems? It can be solved!

Have you ever felt like you’re watching every cent you’re spending because you’re on a very tight budget? Have you experienced skipping meals just to save money for your transportation fees going home? Or have you ever borrowed money from your colleague just because your wallet is empty and it’s still the middle of the work week and the next pay day is next Friday!?

I’m sure some of us experienced that, me too of course; but, is there a way to avoid these things to happen? Or rather, to happen again? They say saving money is important even if it’s just a cent a day. Well, imagine you have a piggy bank and you save a dollar or a peso everyday, then after a year, how much will it cost!? That’s $365/Php365! So, what more if you put like $10/Php10 a day? That’s 365×10 (do the math!).

It is important that you have your savings account especially you’ll never know when will you need a lot of money that is, let’s say, much more from your monthly income. Here are 12 tricks to save money, this article was originally written for Rappler and is written by Lianne Laroya.

Take a seat and let us list down these helpful tips!

1. Calculate your hourly rate.
From your hourly rate, you will then decide whether you want to spend hours worked, instead of money earned. Let’s say that you earn P20,000 a month and you work 40 hours a week (which is computed into 160 hours a month):

P20,000 / 160 = P125.00

Based on my example, you actually earn P125.00 per hour. That dress you’re looking at right now costs P1,500. Do you really want to spend 12 working hours just for a dress? 12 hours of tiring labor, 12 hours of your boss stressing you out, 12 hours of your back hurting, 12 hours of doing confusing reports and 12 hours talking to nettlesome colleagues for just one dress?

Think about it!

2. Include a “guilt trip” card or picture in your wallet.

Let’s say that you’re using cash exclusively when going out. Every time you open your wallet to take out some cash, you should always see this guilt trip message to make yourself think twice before spending. Some effective messages that you can use are:

“Don’t do it – your older self will hate you for it.”

“You worked hard for this money. Don’t just spend it recklessly.”

“You’re saving up for emergencies like unexpected hospital confinement or unemployment, remember?”

3. For cash users, save your “sentimental” bills.

All bills have serial numbers and letters on them. Designate a certain letter that you’re going to use to determine if a bill is sentimental or not.

As my name starts with the letter “L,” I would save every bill with a serial identification that starts with that letter. There are times when I’m lucky, because only my P20 bills had “L.” But just recently, my P1,000 bills became my sentimental bill. It’s better to think of money this way: you’re saving it for yourself.

4. If you’re using credit cards, include a compelling photo in your credit card’s sleeve.

This photo can either be motivational (a picture of the Eiffel Tower because you may be saving up for a trip, or a picture of your potential small business’s logo) or disastrous (a picture of a hospital’s emergency room or a homeless elderly). Choose something that will make you hesitate in swiping that card.

5. Wrap your credit card into your credit card statements.

This one’s a real gem: instead of using sleeves, cover your credit cards with your credit card statements. It goes two ways: one, it’s going to take time to retrieve your credit card; and, two, you’re going to see the amount you owe from your credit card statements, so this can discourage you from swiping that card.

6. Freeze your credit cards.

If you really can’t control yourself from using your credit cards and you know that you also can’t afford to pay the full balance and in time, just freeze them! Get a container, fill it up with water, put your credit card in it and store it into your freezer.

The worse your lack of self-control is, the larger your container should be. It’s pretty inconvenient to wait for your card to defrost when your friends are already waiting for you.

7. Declutter.

Look around your room and collect those items that you never really use anymore. You can either sell them or donate them to charity. Save money by either depositing your proceeds from your garage sale or including your donations in your tax-deductible list.

8. Carry only big bills with you.

When going out with friends, carry only bills in P1,000 denominations. (If you don’t have them, don’t go out in the first place!) There’s just something psychologically excruciating in breaking your P1,000 bill just for a P140-cup of cappuccino. It’ll really make you decide whether or not to spend your money.

9. Save that change.

If you spend your P1,000 bills, though, make sure you save the change in your bank account. Have a motivational jar in your house and stash all your change in there. Then, every two weeks, deposit this change in your savings account and forget it exists.

10. Name your bank accounts.

Nowadays, you have the option of naming your bank accounts according to their specific purposes. You’ll feel more obligated to save money for your “Enjoy Trip to Paris” rather than your “Savings Account 123456789.”

11. Set up automatic transfers.

I’m pretty sure you can talk to your bank about this one. You’ll have 2 bank accounts here –account A is your salary account and account B is your savings account, preferably no ATM.

If your salary goes into account A, you can ask your bank to withdraw (at least) 5% and deposit it to account B automatically. Don’t trust yourself enough to do this manually. The pain is just too unbearable. Leave it to automation instead.

12. Imagine your old self.

Because all you see right now when you look in the mirror are your youthful skin and childlike expressions, you’re not taking saving seriously and you think you still have a lot of time for that.

You can remedy this by printing an old photo of yourself and posting it on your wall. You’re bound to feel more mature and responsible because you have a visual reminder of what your future will be like. In today’s technology, you can easily find online programs that can make your current photo look older.

Saving money can be difficult but it’s just a matter of doing the right things — discipline, resistance, spending just right and give way to your priorities! I can still recall what my mom always told me, “You’re getting old and while you’re on your way, you’re loosing a lot of money with nonsense things!” that served as my wake-up call. So kiddos, it’s time to save for your life in the next 10 years or possibly until you get old!

TIP: Nothing wrong with going out, eating at new food stops, buying new clothes and stuffs; just be sure to SAVE something for your “Savings” section!

6 Proven Ways to Boost Our Body Energy

While checking my e-mails and my notifications on my social media accounts, I find this shared article on my feed. I read it and I actually learned from this a lot, as it gives me a more detailed information regarding the ways how to boost our energy in a natural way, and at the same time in beating fatigue.
I decided to reblog and share this by copying all items from its original source that can be found here. All images used in this article also came from the said site. Also, I shared this article so the readers of this blog will be aware about this and can practice these tips in their everyday life.
Space out.
You might think multitasking will help you tackle your to-do list faster, but doing nothing for a few minutes can help your lack of energy and ultimately push you to get more done, Jon Gordon, a Florida-based consultant who advises corporations and athletes on how to stay energized, said in an article on Mental concentration is similar to a muscle, John P. Trougakos, an assistant management professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough and the Rotman School of Management, told the The brain becomes fatigued after sustained use and needs a rest period before it can recover, he explains. So take a quick pause to daydream, make a cup of tea, or have a chat.
Go for a quick walk.
Step away from the vending machine and take a stroll around the block instead. In a classic study published in the “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology”, researchers had people either eat a candy bar or walk briskly for 10 minutes on 12 different days. Walking turned out to be the better long-term energy booster; the snackers’ energy levels plummeted within an hour of eating the bar. In a later study, the same researchers discovered that the more steps people take each day, the higher they evaluate their overall mood and energy.
Drink a glass of water.
Fatigue is one of the first signs your body is running low on fluid. In addition to making you feel lethargic, mild dehydration can also make you feel cranky and diminish your concentration, according to a small study published last year in the Journal of Nutrition.
Eat an energizing snack.
Look for a healthy bite that combines protein with complex carbohydrates, such as a hard-boiled egg with whole wheat toast, cheese on multi-grain crackers, or an apple with peanut butter. Your body digests that pairing more slowly, which will keep your blood sugar on an even keel, according to Christine Gerbstadt, MD, RD, in an article on
Take up meditation.
Want help getting a better handle on stress while feeling more energized overall? One recent study found that people who took mindfulness-based meditation training for eight weeks were able to concentrate longer than a control group who wasn’t taught the meditative techniques; they also didn’t feel as overwhelmed during exercises meant to induce stress. If meditation sounds too woo-woo for you, consider the simple practice of closing your eyes and focusing on breathing for just two minutes at a time, or get more tips at
Pump up your playlist.
You know the right tunes can invigorate your workout, but certain music can also boost your focus during everyday tasks. Research has shown that background music without lyrics may help workers focus, boosting happiness and productivity. Browse for stations that play instrumental pop, rock, romance, or country to see which ones your brain likes best.
Hope this article helps! Have a great healthy and energetic day!