“First Time” – A Ramen Journey

It was a Friday night and I do not know where to go, at the same time, I don’t know where to eat. I went out from work and decided to go to Greenfield District in Crossing to hunt for food. With the use of Looloo, I got to see different restaurants and newly established ones around the area. When I saw Ramen Bar, I decided to give it a shot since I’m quite curious about Ramen and why many people loved it.

I was warmly welcomed by one of their servers and seated at the back side of the place. Their places was like a straight forward restaurant suitable for casual Japanese dining; lesser decors but more tables and chairs for customers. The place actually looked so neat and clean.

I got myself a bowl of Spicy Karaage Ramen and Gyoza for appetizers. My order came in fast, about 10-15 mins, maybe because they don’t have much customers that night.

I had the Gyoza first and I love it. These fried dumplings were cooked very well at its best. I have eaten some sort of dumplings before but this is great, and it’s one of their best-sellers!

And then here we have the Big bowl of Spicy Karaage Ramen, and seriously I never expected it this big. The serving was oh so filled with these toppings that I can’t figure out. All i know is, they taste very well and compliment with each other. The noodles were super thick and fine but very long.

I also told the server if he could minimize the spicy level to the weakest one and he said yes. But, when i taste it, I asked myself “Seriously, is this even mild?”. My eyes started to drool that night. LOL. I only consumed 1/3 of the bowl and couldn’t even finished it due to its size. I’ve only finished the Gyoza though. These big bowls would be good & suggested (IMHO) for sharing, unless you have a bigger space for food than I do.

The customer service was excellent! Attentive, fast and polite servers!

Will i ever get back here? Hmm maybe? But, will just try their rice bowls if ever I’ll be alone…. again.

Greenfield District, The Hub, Mayflower St., Mandaluyong City

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Bubbah-tea-lizious night!

Supposedly, me and my friend should be going to Starbucks Coffee in Shaw Boulevard after a very light drinking session, but we’re quite shy ’cause we smell like drunk and wearing our good-old home clothes (pambahay). So, we just went here at this tea house near his place, few steps away I should say.

This tea place wasn’t like a go-to place for late night talks since they’re closing by 22:00; and they only have about 4 tables and few chairs that can accommodate around 16 customers. Also their place was beside the Caltex gas station.

About the drink? I ordered for a Wintermelon Milk Tea and it’s sooo sweet. How I wish I could have asked the crew to downgrade the sugar level to 50%, but…it’s…too…late! The pearl was almost the same with Serenitea‘s, but not too sticky. So it’s just right and it’s better in some ways. Good job!

They have lots of varieties and even offers Cantonese food, but I didn’t bother to try one.

Gen. Kalentong St. cor. Romualdez St., Mandaluyong City

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A Fine Night of Revisiting Café de Lipa

Revisiting Café de Lipa in Market! Market! after almost a year. I used to go here to get my morning coffee when I’m still working around the area.

That night, I bought a Tall Iced Chocolate Cream Frappe and a Dulce De Leche bar. Too bad, the only cheesecake they had was the blueberry ones (but I preferred plain nowadays).

The cafe was neat and cute, but they don’t have a bathroom. The servers/baristas were both attentive and polite with their customers. Not to mention they’re both beautiful. 🙂

The Dulce De Leche bar was fairly great; although it was too sweet and quite tough, I really like it. The drink on the other hand, tastes like Emperador at first sip. Wow alcoholic chocolate cream frappe, anyone!? I thought it was just the first taste but the more I sip it, the more it tastes like brandy. Nyay!

So I mixed it well and sooner it tastes better. Maybe the chocolate they used was too strong, that’s why it tasted like brandy?

Café de Lipa
G/F Station Square East Commercial, Market! Market!
McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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“Nakahain na sa MESA!”

We went here at Mesa for dinner last Monday since I’ve been reading a lot of good reviews about this place. So why not give it a try?

The place was fully packed that night so we’re queued on the waiting list (number #4). Unfortunately, we have waited for almost 30 minutes and we’re so hungry. So I immediately followed-up to the receptionist since I’m seeing customers who came just after us getting their tables. To its extent, I was quite pushed off by how the receptionist responded to me when I did the follow-up and this leaves me cold the whole night. I actually reached my boiling point, but I tried my best control my anger that night.

Anyway, about the food; it was served after about 20 minutes. Sisig in a Pouch arrived in first from the orders.

Sisig in a Pouch is good, really good! Sisig was cooked very well and the wrapper was crispy, and you’ll surely create a crispy sound while eating it. Definitely, a must-try!

Salpicao Ostrich – I thought it was good ‘because I find it unique on its own. It has that something that I haven’t taste in whole eating life. But sooner as you consume it, it’s “nakakasawa”.

Chicken & Pork Pochero was just okay for me. Not to mention the chicken was juicy and cooked well. But the sauce left me cold and I find it as an overall, a not too appealing dish.

Although I would say that the food was good, although some of them weren’t that remarkable; I was totally turned off with their customer service. To come back or not!? Maybe not!

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Mesa Filipino Moderne
G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St.,
Ayala Center, Makati City

Happier with Happy Lemon!

Before meeting up with my buddies last Wednesday, I bought my super and all-time favorite Cocoa Milktea with Rock salt & cheese from Happy Lemon, and added extra cheese and pearl under 70% sweetness.

Good thing, this one’s better than the last one I had in SM Mall of Asia’s branch. It’s really delicious and delightful to my taste! 🙂

4F TriNoma Mall, North Ave cor Mindanao Ave, Quezon City

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Pepper Lunch for “Dinner”… express mode!

I invited my travel buddies to hang out last Wednesday, just to start a great year to come. We decided to watch a comedy flick so we immediately bought our tickets for a sched of 21:40. Since there’s more time before the film, we decided to have our dinner first before the Timezone mania, and the film of course.

We went at the Food court so we can have great choices of food. I decided to give Pepper Lunch [Express] a try and ordered for a Curry Chicken Pepper Rice with Cheese.

Since I love cheese, I expected to have more servings of it but i was wrong. Nyay! They only put small amount as the toppings of the rice. Bad news is the cheese was bland. The sliced chicken parts were good and tasty. Also, the rice was filled with pepper which is good for my taste!

3F TriNoma Mall, North Ave cor Mindanao Ave, Quezon City

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First timer at El Chupacabra

I was rendering an overtime one Thursday night due to some “last minute tasks”, and I decided to go out for dinner before finishing everything. I searched for a nearest restaurant around the office that I haven’t tried yet using looloo, and yeah I came with an idea of trying El Chupacabra.

The place was full that night and I was 4th on the waiting list. I actually, even occupied a table without being aware that there’s an existing “waiting list”. Such a shame!

While waiting for my table, I already relayed my orders to the server; which was the Lengua street tacos and the San Francisco-style lean pork sisig street tacos.

When I got my table, I just only waited for about 5 minutes for my orders. I tried the Sisig tacos first and oh man… I couldn’t agree more why so many people love this one. It’s really good, definitely a must-try! Then I ate the lengua street tacos as the finale, I thought it was good but I believe the sisig tacos tastes better and more appealing to my taste. But I would say that it’s not bad at all.

Few bottles of beer as the encore that night; beer was also cheap as well as their food. I came back to the office with a happy tummy without spending around 500 bucks.

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5782 Felipe St. cor Polaris St.,
Bel-Air, Makati