Top 5 pick!

Hello guys, here I am again for a new post for my “Weekly Top 5”! I also decided to make a separate section on it, for easier viewing. Anyway, here’s the top 5 most played song on my playlist.

5. The Killers – Miss Atomic Bomb (Indie rock)

4. Ayreon – Valley of the Queens (Progressive Rock/Metal)

*there are also other versions: Stream of Passion cover & Floor Jansen cover

3. Agua de Annique & Anneke van Giersbergen – I Want (Triprock/Pop rock)

2. After Forever – Energized Me (Progressive Metal)

1. Foxboro Hot Tubs – Alligator (Punk rock)


I hope you enjoy this week’s pick! Happy weekend!

Throwback Thursday with After Forever

Just bumped in to this old live video of Dutch Symphonic/Progressive metal band, After Forever on YouTube. This video just suddenly bring me to the days where they’re still active in the metal scene.

After Forever officially started 1995 and officially broke-up in 2009. They have released 5 studio albums, 1 EP and 1 compilation through out their entire career. They are also one of the FIRST female fronted metal bands alive during the 90s music sensation. I was actually one of the thousands of fans who were very devastated that they parted ways. Well, at least, some of them are now active in their current bands and happy with it.

Floor Jansen is currently active with her current bands, ReVamp and Nightwish. Sander Gommans is currently with HDK up to the moment and Joost van der Broek is working with different bands like ReVamp, Star One, Sun Caged, The Supremacy, Ayreon and Epica.

Here’s a video of acoustic performance of “My Choice” and “Eccentric”