Afternoon Delights at Café Mary Grace

Went here at Café Mary Grace to buy something for dessert, since this was too near from my workplace. The place were full of customers and everyone’s busy. Seriously, nobody wanted to take my order? Was it because I’m the only customer who were alone that time or maybe the spot I was sitting at was quite isolated? Quite annoying though.

I ordered for a piece of Tiramisu cake and Strawberry fruitshake for take-out.

Waited for about 15 minutes and they have my order placed in a cozy paper bag. And so I suddenly left cause it’s almost 13:00, without being aware that i haven’t got my change yet. I just learnt that when I’m already at the office, and I realized, deym 200 pesos for tip!?? LOL.

Now for the food. The Strawberry fruitshake on the first sip was like “lasang gamot”. But then, I realized it was actually fresh strawberries. Tiramisu was great for me. I like it, and makes me crave for more.

I will surely go back here to try their other cakes, especially their cheesecake, and the Blackberry fruitshake.

Café Mary Grace
Kalayaan Ave. cor. P. Burgos St., Makati City

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