Excerpts from the Metal Female Voices Fest 2013

Last week, the 11th edition of MFVF or the Metal Female Voices Fest took place once again in front of thousands of attendees of the said festival. The said festival is a 3-day event featuring different female fronted metal bands started from 18th October up to 19th October at the Oktoberhallen, Wieze, Belgium.

The fest started in October 18 with Eve’s Apple, a band with more than 10 members featuring different female singers of different bands, including Charlotte Wessels (Delain), Ailyn Gimenez (Sirenia), Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion), Marjan Welman (Autumn), Manuella Kraller (Xandria), Carmen Elise Espenaes (Midnattsol) and a lot more.

Here’s the FULL acoustic performance of these amazing ladies:

Liv Kristine closed the first day of the festival with her 1,5 hr set, playing some songs from her previous band, Theatre of Tragedy.

Setlist | More videos from YouTube

The second day of the fest was led by Lacuna Coil, Delain and Leaves’ Eyes. The 3 bands play a full set and were supported by opening bands like Magion, Azylya, Victorians, Imperia, Serenity, Chaostar, Kobra & the Lotus, Asrai and Kontrust.

Leaves’ Eyes played most of the songs from their upcoming album, “Symphonies of the Night”.

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Delain got more time to play in this year’s festival. They play bunch of songs from their 3 full-length and one song from their most recent release, “Interlude”. They also have Sharon den Adel to join them on stage and play 2 songs with the band.

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Lacuna Coil played a special “Karmacode” album show at their set. They have played all songs from the said album and played few more songs on the Encore including hit singles “Trip the darkness” and “Heaven’s a lie”.

Setlist | More videos on YouTube

On the last day of the festival, we have Tarja, Revamp, Stream of Passion and Anneke van Giersbergen live on stage together with L’Endevi, Hell City, Dalriada, Eleanor, Cadaveria and Crimfall.

Stream of Passion started the show with one of the songs from their most recent album, “Dark Days”. The band is at its best and perform the fan favorites form their 3 albums.

Setlist | More videos from YouTube
Anneke van Giersbergen own the stage by playing the title track of the same album name. She played most of the tracks from “Drive” and “Everything Is Changing”. She also played 3 The Gathering songs such as “You Learn About It”, “Saturnine” and the killer “Strange Machines”.

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ReVamp kills the silence with their headbanging and rocking performance. The songs from their most recent album “Wild Card” made it to the setlist that night and gave a mind-blowing performance. Too bad, they didn’t cover even one After Forever song, but still a great set!

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Last for that night? Here’s the ex-Nightwish singer, Tarja. She played a full set promoting most of the songs from her most recent solo album, “Colours in the dark”. She also covered a Nightwish song called, “Wish I Had An Angel”, and the most anticipated duet with Floor Jansen for the song “Over the Hills And Far Away”, Gary Moore cover.

Setlist | More videos from YouTube

Interview with Charlotte Wessels of DELAIN by SuperSkum

From the video caption:
We recently had the opportunity to talk with Charlotte Wessels of Delain during their stop in Denver with Kamelot. She was nice enough to discuss a variety of topics ranging from their latest release “Interlude” on Napalm Records to how the band transformed from a musical project into a full-fledged touring band. She was also nice enough to talk to us about the guest vocalists Delain uses, like Marco Hietala from Nightwish and Fear Factory’s Burton C. Bell. Additionally, we were able to ask Charlotte about the bands upcoming My Masquerade show on November 8th as this will be a unique experience for any fan of Delain. Finally, Charlotte was kind enough to let us in on the process for making the video for “We Are the Others” and she also gave us some insight on how she channeled her feelings that were aroused by the senseless assault and murder of Sophie Lancaster into the song.

Learn more:
SuperSkum | Delain | Sophie Lancaster Foundation

Delain presents “My Masquerade”

Dutch Symphonic metal band, Delain will be having a special gig called “My Masquerade” this coming 8th November! This show will mark the end of “We Are The Others” clubtour and will include special editions of songs, special effects, guests and more surprises. Austrian metal band, Serenity will be one of the band’s special guest for this gig.

The band also announced that they will be hosting a “Best Dressed Contest” on the said evening. All visitors will be photographed and immortalized in the band’s online “My Masquerade” guestbook if they so desire, and a special jury will decide upon the best dressed guests, who will win their photo, taken with the entire band framed, a bunch of Delain goodies, and their irreplaceable minutes of fame.


Buy your tickets here | Check more info at the band’s official website