Metal Hammer interview with Emperor’s Ihsahn

Ihsahn (Vegard Sverre Tveitan) was interviewed by the “Metal Hammer” radio show on Team Rock Radio recently. His upcoming solo album “Das Seelenbrechen” is a total contrast to Ihsahn’s first 2 albums titled “After” and “Eremita”. The album showcases a primitive approach to his most esoteric influences and more avantgarde sound. The new album is said to be the “darkest” of his solo albums and more disturbing in a more artistic way.

Part of the interview is snapped below:
“Musically, this album is a very deliberate sidestep to what I have been doing; a necessity to reset the creative parameters so not to fall into formula, I think I do my best work slightly outside of my comfort zone and I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time. Free form and improvisational can be scary for a musician but it is very liberating at the same time.”

“Of all my albums, my goals for this one have been the most abstract. I’ve had quite a rollercoaster ride putting it together but now that it is done I must say I am very pleased.”

“Das Seelenbrechen” takes its name from Nietzche‘s famed “Human, All Too Human: A Book Of Free Spirits”.

Read more about “Das Seelenbrechen” here.

The complete interview with Ihsahn by Metal-hammer Magazine show.