“Nakahain na sa MESA!”

We went here at Mesa for dinner last Monday since I’ve been reading a lot of good reviews about this place. So why not give it a try?

The place was fully packed that night so we’re queued on the waiting list (number #4). Unfortunately, we have waited for almost 30 minutes and we’re so hungry. So I immediately followed-up to the receptionist since I’m seeing customers who came just after us getting their tables. To its extent, I was quite pushed off by how the receptionist responded to me when I did the follow-up and this leaves me cold the whole night. I actually reached my boiling point, but I tried my best control my anger that night.

Anyway, about the food; it was served after about 20 minutes. Sisig in a Pouch arrived in first from the orders.

Sisig in a Pouch is good, really good! Sisig was cooked very well and the wrapper was crispy, and you’ll surely create a crispy sound while eating it. Definitely, a must-try!

Salpicao Ostrich – I thought it was good ‘because I find it unique on its own. It has that something that I haven’t taste in whole eating life. But sooner as you consume it, it’s “nakakasawa”.

Chicken & Pork Pochero was just okay for me. Not to mention the chicken was juicy and cooked well. But the sauce left me cold and I find it as an overall, a not too appealing dish.

Although I would say that the food was good, although some of them weren’t that remarkable; I was totally turned off with their customer service. To come back or not!? Maybe not!

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Mesa Filipino Moderne
G/F Greenbelt 5, Legaspi St.,
Ayala Center, Makati City

Mangan ta na!

Went here at “MANGAN” for late dinner last night. They’re almost closing out, good thing, they still accommodate late diners. Ordered for Kare-kareng buntot ng baka, Sisig ni Mely Pork Sisig and of course, accompanied with garlic rice. Also got their Puto bumbong sampler (with Grated coconut & Muscovado).

Serving took 10-15 minutes. The servers were attentive so that’s been good so far. About the food.. Hmmm?

Okay, kare-kare was great but i wish they would’ve been generous for “laman” or meat. The dish contained about 70% vegetables such as stringbeans, eggplant and pechay and unfortunately, I never ate eggplant. Only the stringbeans and pechay, but still enjoyed it even with the scarcity of meat. LOL.

Sisig was good but still my sisig tastes even better. LOL. Or i would say, Giligan’s sisig were also better than this. It’s like there’s something that needs to be remedied with this one. Bland, that could be. Garlic rice was good!

Now for the dessert, I’m a big fan of Puto bumbong..but, this one…sucks! Lol. I don’t know, it took me just a couple of small bites and yes, I declared myself giving up with this one. Maybe I expected too much though.

2/F Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave.,
Ortigas Center, Quezon City

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Filipino Dinner at NamNam

I couldn’t find any reasons to ignore this restaurant, as I truly consider this place as one of the best restaurant I’ve been to. Why!? The food itself is truly amazing; unique and a true touch of Filipino taste.

It was a movie night when we tried this out. I was quite hungry that night and I wanted to try something different from the usual. And yes, this never failed me. By just looking the menu, you would know that they’re serving one-of-a-kind dishes that you can only get here.

We had House Crispy sisig, Sinigang na beef short rib & watermelon, Sweet Bagoong with Garlic Fried chicken and Pinsec frito as the appetizer! Serving time took 15-20 minutes.

The Pinsec frito is okay for me. I still thought and preferred North Park‘s version of Pinsec frito, but still good though. 🙂

The garlic fried chicken is sooo perfect with its partner that night, the sweet bagoong. The tenderness is way perfect and I couldn’t agree more why a lot of reviewers of this resto liked this one. They also consider this as one of the “bomb” of the many dishes they serve.

The sinigang is not the usual one. They’ve used or added watermelon on this dish that makes it even more special and delicious. The beef is heavenly good, the vegetables are not overcooked; overall, it’s not bland. It’s a unique mixture of the usual tamarind-based sinigang plus the watermelon. 🙂

Lastly, we got to try their Sisig! To be honest, I find their sisig just okay too, but it’s really cripsy! Most of people like the sisig due to its unique taste, but for me, it’s okay but still special due to its added flavours and ingredients on the sisig itself. I secretly told myself that I can do a sisig like this. LOL

Can’t wait to get back to this place again. They really have lots of dishes to offer, and that’s what I need to conquer! 😀

Check out this resto’s menu

NamNam Comfort Filipino
1st Level, Greenbelt 2
Esperanza St. corner Greenbelt Drive, Ayala Center, Makati