FestivalBlog interview with Floor Jansen

FestivalBlog has recently conducted an interview with Floor Jansen at the Metal Female Voices Fest last October. The interview discusses about Floor’s past year, about ReVamp‘s new album “Wild Card” and the bright future of her bands, Nightwish and ReVamp.

Interviewer: It has been a very busy year for you hasn’t it? How do you reflect on this?

Floor: Yes, you can say that. I haven’t actually thought about it yet, so much has happened. The whole stuff with Nightwish is just one of the elements, but of course the grandest. I suddenly went on tour with them and then you’re off from home again, meanwhile recording an album with ReVamp. Yeah, very busy!

Interviewer: And here you are again at the MFVF. For the second time with ReVamp. How does that feel?

Floor: It feels great! The organization has supported me from the start even though after I quit with After Forever, I hadn’t proven anything yet with ReVamp. They trusted me and said “it’s going to be allright, it comes from you”. That’s of course very nice to know and I’m glad about that, so I’m also glad to be here. It’s indeed the second time that I’m going to perform here with ReVamp, I’m looking forward to it.

Interviewer: What do you think about this year’s line-up? Any bands you prefer?

Floor: It’s a good and diverse line-up. I don’t like all bands, but I like Tarja for example, with whom I do a duet tonight during her show. I am really looking forward to it. But for me it doesn’t always need to be fully female fronted, I make female fronted music, but don’t listen to it a lot. I prefer heavier music and you can hear that in ReVamp. So if it concerns me, it can be a little harder, haha.

Interviewer: After what I’ve seen and heard on the CD release show in Bibelot, you’ll blow the roof right off the Oktoberhallen tonight. What can we expect of the show here?

Floor: Haha, thank you! Well, I don’t know very well what to expect, the people know me and ReVamp as well, but the new songs aren’t so known yet. The album isn’t released that long yet. It’s sometimes quite complex to hear, certainly for a first time, so we’ll have to see and wait how the audience will respond to it. This is always the case at a festival such as this, not everyone knows your music or will like it.

Interviewer: We can expect something special tonight, a duet with Tarja. How was this accomplished?

Floor: Tarja is a fantastic vocalist and I always wanted to collaborate with her. Now that we’re both at this festival, it was a great opportunity. We contacted each other about what we were going to do, but we didn’t really practice a lot. We were convinced it would work out fine, because we know each other and ourselves to say it like that.

Interviewer: I hope people will not make stupid remarks between the both of you, due to a history with a certain common band. What is your opinion about such stupid comparisons and did you experience those yourself yet?

Floor: You know, everyone has their own opinion in the end. But people shouldn’t talk about subjects they don’t know anything about. Everybody has their good and bad qualities and vocally everybody is often so different. So how can you compare I wonder? But such people will always be there. It would be better to focus on subjects that matter and just enjoy it or if not, just let it be. Me myself, I haven’t noticed so much about it and I rather keep it that way.

Interviewer: Can you already tell what song it will be?

Floor: No sorry, you’ll have to find out yourself, it stays a surprise!

Interviewer: So it’s official now, the new vocalist of Nightwish is sitting here in front of me. From what I’ve heard, you already know about this for a while?

Floor: Well, we first didn’t know how this would go on, but it was clear from the start that it worked out, the atmosphere was immediately good. It was only after the show at Sauna Open Air that we really talked about it. So that was June already, but we couldn’t announce anything officially yet for some reasons, we had to wait a bit too to see how all would go.

Interviewer: Can you tell me a bit about working and touring with Nightwish and therefore also Troy Donockley?

Floor: Yes, it was quite hectic in the beginning! I was called to fly to the USA to replace and finish the entire tour with them. But they are all nice guys and like I said, it worked out well between us from the start. It’s nice to tour with them, also with Troy!

Interviewer: The documentary that will be released soon is called ‘Please learn the setlist in 48 hours’… Was this really this literal for you?

Floor: Yes, you could say that! I had to take the plane immediately and had only a limited time to memorize the lyrics. I did know already the older songs because during my After Forever period I learned them for myself, but I wasn’t familiar with the newer material. It was a real challenge, but they said I did it very well.

Interviewer: How were those first shows for you with them in the USA?

Floor:Very exciting! I didn’t know what to expect. But everyone tried to comfort me that it would work out and also the fans were enthusiastic, so that helped as well.

Interviewer: How do you see the future now, especially with combining ReVamp and Nightwish?

Floor: It will work out, it will switch a bit. When you look back, Nightwish mainly works in blocks of two years. So when that ends, I can focus on ReVamp, so it’s not nonstop Nightwish. Right now ReVamp has priority, but next summer there are the Nightwish recordings and starting from 2015 we will tour for about two years again. After that, I can focus on ReVamp again.

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And here we have the most anticipated duet of the year!