Metal Hammer interview with Emperor’s Ihsahn

Ihsahn (Vegard Sverre Tveitan) was interviewed by the “Metal Hammer” radio show on Team Rock Radio recently. His upcoming solo album “Das Seelenbrechen” is a total contrast to Ihsahn’s first 2 albums titled “After” and “Eremita”. The album showcases a primitive approach to his most esoteric influences and more avantgarde sound. The new album is said to be the “darkest” of his solo albums and more disturbing in a more artistic way.

Part of the interview is snapped below:
“Musically, this album is a very deliberate sidestep to what I have been doing; a necessity to reset the creative parameters so not to fall into formula, I think I do my best work slightly outside of my comfort zone and I’ve wanted to do something like this for a long time. Free form and improvisational can be scary for a musician but it is very liberating at the same time.”

“Of all my albums, my goals for this one have been the most abstract. I’ve had quite a rollercoaster ride putting it together but now that it is done I must say I am very pleased.”

“Das Seelenbrechen” takes its name from Nietzche‘s famed “Human, All Too Human: A Book Of Free Spirits”.

Read more about “Das Seelenbrechen” here.

The complete interview with Ihsahn by Metal-hammer Magazine show.

Ihsahn’s New song and the upcoming album

Ihsahn’s new album “Das Seelenbrechen” will set to be released on October 22, via Candlelight records. In contrast to the adventurous progressive shades and saxophone augmentations of his last two albums – After (2009) and Eremita (2011) – this latest masterpiece exists in an entirely unfamiliar sonic world, as Ihsahn draws upon his most esoteric influences, embraces the spirit of the avant-garde and creates a sonic tapestry like no other.

The track listing:
1. Hiber
2. Regen
3. NaCl
4. Pulse
5. Tacit 2
6. Tacit
7. Rec
8. M
9. Sub Ater
10. See
Limited edition bonus tracks:
11. Entropie
12. Hel

Since, the upcoming album’s release is almost approaching really fast, Ihsahn have uploaded the opening track for the new album, titled “Hiber”.

Listen to the song via SoundCloud

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