Looloo rendezvous at Brasas!

Last weekend, I went to one of the most amazing gathering I’ve ever attended to. Why!? Is it because of what!? Answer is, it’s a rendezvous of a big community of amazing people that share the same interests and enthusiasm with….eating!!!

Prior to the rendezvous scheduled by 13:45 at SM Jazz Mall, I already went to 3 different destinations for some duties and such. I didn’t have any food intake (just water and I could recall I have a piece or 2 of munchkins) or else I’ll surely be late ‘cause that Saturday was fully booked. Fast forward to the meet-up, I met the loolooers at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for few minutes of chit chats.

After a few more minutes, we headed towards our main destination for the rendezvous – Brasas!!

Everybody seemed to try this place out except for me, so it was a great opportunity for me as a first timer of this place. We are first being accommodated by the people behind Brasas, and they told us the stories behind the place. One of their chefs, named Nathaly even shown us a demo of making one of their specialties called “Pupusas”.

After a while, we all made our orders and badly, I can’t recall them all. Here are some of those I could still remember:

Beef heart, Tenderloin on a stick, Caribe, Carne asada platter, Patacones, Empanadas latinas, Pupusas. Sooner, our food arrived and our tables were almost full of different dishes. I was able to try a lot of different dishes and here are some:

Caribe – a refreshing drink, although I even drink more water than it. It has 3 different flavors and man; this is not your ordinary juice!

Beef heart – not included in their menu but chef allowed us to try this one. And it’s amazingly good! Tastes like bbq! Now I finally had a clue how a heart tastes like.

The tenderloin on stick – good on its own!

Carne Asada Platter – I found this one unique, never had this kind of dishes before and I like it. Although sometimes, the taste of the beef reminds me of kebabs? And the spanish rice was tasty and delish.

Patacones – taste like banana chips, but the toppings taste better!

Empanadas Latinas – I’m not a big Empanada fan (although I tried some different brands before) but this one changed my mind. It’s really delicious and perfect even without its dip!

Pupusas – this was what Chef Nathaly shown us before our “eating time”. I simply like it on its own, even without the toppings (or garnish?) on top of it.

I can’t remember the name of the 4 dishes we tried for dessert, but they’re all good. Not too sweet and has a unique taste, which is good at least, not like the common ones around. I especially like that “tortas” or something with “de leches” something or the white fluffy cake.

The staffs were friendly and even care to talk and have some jokes with us. They’re very accommodating and polite to their customers. Not to mention that we asked one of their staffs to took photo from 3 different phones…

It’s really a well spent day with the delicious and one of a kind dishes accommodated with the amazing people of Looloo! Sorry if i can’t mention you all here, but it’s been a pleasure to meet y’all! And that has been the main reason why this is a 5-star review!

Photos courtesy of Looloo social media account:

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SM Jazz Mall, Nicanor Garcia
Bel-Air, Makati

Are you mad for garlic?

I went to “Mad for Garlic” last Saturday evening for a very late dinner. I’ve been very busy with some stuff that’s why I’ve had my dinner very late, around 22h if I could still recall the time.

This place was in line with iHop, California Pizza Kitchen and PF Chang’s. I seated on the couch area, the place is really cozy anyway. I ordered a single serving of Creamy Chicken Popcorn Pasta, a personal serving of Old Ham & Sausage Pizza and Black Iced tea. Serving took 10-20 minutes.

The personal size pizza is 9”(?), correct me if I’m wrong btw. I seem to enjoy the thin crust pizza and it’s really good. I like the taste of each toppings they have especially the sausage and white sauce. Definitely good and delish!

The pasta on the other hand is okay. I thought it was disappointing on the first taste, but sooner it’s getting more and more awesome! I thought it was like a song by Epica which needs to grow on you before liking it. LOL. And would you think the single serving is not enough for me? Well, due to its richness I haven’t even finished it. Good thing, the sauce was not too oily.

The garlic bread is so-so! I really love it! The Black iced tea reminds me of a black gulaman meets iced tea. Something like that. We’ll go back here to try more!

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Mad for Garlic
W Global Center Branch
Ground Level, W Global Center
30th St. corner 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

What do we have in Conti’s?

First time to try this place out! I’ve been reading a lot of raves about this place and finally, I got to check this out. The place is on the road side part of Greenbelt 2 Mall. I ordered “Gambas” for appetizer, and man, this is great! Although i still preferred Krazy Garlik‘s version of “Gambas”, but it’s still delicious!

Now the main dish is served, which is the “Conti’s Baked Salmon”. As on its description, it’s a Norwegian pink salmon baked with their very own topping, served with buttered vegetables and paella rice. And wow, that was so delish! It’s like a creamy cheesy salmon on my plate; and the paella rice was good, not too bland for me. And I DO like it!

Of course, dinner won’t be completed without dessert! I was tempted order a bigger one but since I’ll be watching a film afterwards, I decided to just order a slice of “Tiramisu”. It’s good, but didn’t exceed my expectations that much actually. Also, the serving was quite ungenerous though. :-/

But overall, I really like it! Will surely go back here ’cause I’m a bit curious about their “Salmon salpicao”. Hmmm.

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Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant
Ground Level, Greenbelt 2
Esperanza St. corner Greenbelt Drive, Ayala Center, Makati

Closing time at Shrimp Bucket

We went to the Bonifacio Global City, Taguig to go for dinner! Too bad, the restos where we wanted to eat were already closed. So, it’s time to use the power of the Looloo app. I used the “Explore” tab in order to find the nearest restos around the area and which of those are still open on that very moment (in which I remember is already 22h30m). While exploring, we were already driving around so we can have another options as well.

Since we’re already near the area where this resto is located, we all agreed to dine in here. Although they’re about to close, they still greeted us inside. No arguments happened since we’re all hungry. LOL. I got the “Pan-fried Fish Fillet in Soy Ginger Sauce” together with steamed rice. Serving time took 15 minutes.

About the food — hmm!? I find it just okay, nothing too special although I like how they fry the dory; but the sauce kind of ruined the taste of the fillet. Something’s fishy going on around here, huh? If I’ll come back again, not sure though.

Original review written for Looloo | Check this resto’s menu

Shrimp Bucket
Grand Hamptons Tower 1
31st cor. 2nd Ave., Taguig

Pizza-pizza at Capricciosa!

Got to try this few weeks ago, about an hour before movie time, me and my friends felt a bit hungry even though we just ate dinner like few hours ago! And we were hardly craving for some finger foods or something like Fish and chips. Good thing, we saw this resto near the cinemas and they’re serving Italian dishes so we hurriedly give it a try!

We got the “Quattro picante” or the all-meat pizza; actually, I’m not a big fan of Pizza that much to be honest, but yeah let’s give it a try! Serving time took 15-20 minutes, not bad. We also got ourselves some drink, I got their orange juice and it tasted a bit different though, but not bad. The pizza itself is great, it’s a thin crust pizza packed with meat goodness and stuffs. You can eat it all up to the very last portion, unlike other pizzas (not to name them though), that you won’t bother to eat the end part due to its blandness. It’s also best with hot sauce or chili oil, upon your choice.

The customer service is great! The server is very entertaining and she even gave us glasses of water though we haven’t asked for it! Now, that’s an excellent customer service!

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3rd Level, Greenbelt 3
Esperanza St. corner Makati Ave., Ayala Center, Makati

Sweet moments at La Crêperie

I’m a fanboy of crepes! The first time I got to try crepe was years ago at Crepes & Cream. Too bad, the store IMO is closing down nowadays as I never even saw them anywhere around. Good thing, we have La Creperie!!!

I’m done with my lunch time that moment and I was badly craving for dessert. Good thing, the looloo app is there to give me a helping hand to find the best places around the corner. I found out about this and never wasted any second when I learnt that they’re serving crepes!

I ordered the Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat, and wow, this is soooo freakin good!!!! I just loved that every single detail of this dish is present not just by the eyes but you can actually taste them. The chocolate crepe itself is great; the fresh mangoes were not too sour, just right; the caramel and hazelnut spread were all over the dish; and of course almonds and whipped cream on top of it, what can I ask for?

Recommended to all sweet lovers and crepe lovers out there! 🙂

View their other dishes here.

La Crêperie
2nd Level, The Veranda, Robinson’s Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City

First scoop for Cara Mia

First time to try this place out. I’ve been craving for dessert or something sweet that night and I find this place while strolling around Robinson’s Galleria 2nd level. So here I go, with a single scoop of their Pistachio, now I’m fully satisfied! I’ll be giving them 5 stars for the price, ambiance, the food itself and the server’s beauty! 9786

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Cara Mia Gelateria
2nd Level, West Lane, Robinsons Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City