Today’s workout results and some “fuel-up” songs

Today, I’ve started my day with running although I’ve only slept for 5 hours (approx). December mornings are very cold, so I’m quite struggled to get up and warm myself before hitting the running roads.

I’m actually surprised that I reached the first kilometer at 5:50 pace, but sooner turned to 6:05 pace/km. Not bad at all, although i felt like my legs are a bit tired for today, I still own it.

One of the songs that gets me going the whole run is this:

Definitely, one of my favorite Anneke’s song from her solo albums

Other songs included in my “Let’s Run!” playlist are:
Megadeth – Five Magics
Pantera – Goddamn Electric
Rush – The Spirit of Radio
Stratovarius – Eagleheart
Epica – Menace of Vanity
Arch Enemy – Ravenous
Puddle of Mudd – Drift & Die

Rock n’ Roll Industries Magazine interview with Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine

Rock N Roll Industries Magazine conducted an interview with MEGADETH frontman, Dave Mustaine recently in a video format. The video interview is posted below.

MEGADETH’s latest release, “Super Collider” was released in 4th of June and sold about 70,000 copies. The album features a guest appearance with vocalist David Draiman. The album also received a lot of criticisms from most of fans, calling it a “midtempo drudgery and familiar hard rock and NOT THRASH METAL..”. But other fans seemed to dig the new album by saying that the album is enough for a successor to “Thirteen”. Other critics noted that the album is more akin to “Risk” and “The World Needs a Hero” than other recent albums.