Monday morning workout

Woke up with stuffy nose due to allergic rhinitis, but that didn’t hinder me from going out for a run. I, maybe, 1 hour late from my assembly time. I did it great and I think better than any of my previous records.

My not so tired feet! LOL. I took this photo during my “cool down”.

After running, I make sure that I re-hydrate myself with water and cool down (thru some more exercise and stretching) since muscles are contracted after doing workout. Also, eating after running isn’t a crime. In fact, you really need carbohydrates after running! This time, my all time favorite post-running workout breakfast meal is: Sliced Boiled egg with sliced tomato!

Tuesday morning run

Earlier this morning, I finally made a good 5km-run although I felt restless since I only slept for about 5 hours, and felt like I only have catnap the entire hours. Also, during the run, I felt tired right away after hitting the second kilometer, so take about 5 minutes rest by walking and did some stretching. As I’m reaching the last kilometer, I felt my appendix are shaking so I hurriedly stop. Anyway, here’s a lovely result though.