Ending the day with a cup!

After the last minute shopping with friends, we decided to stay here at Starbucks Coffee for a while and have a great chat accompanied by a cup of our favorite drink.

The café were almost full that night; but good thing, we got a good seats outside. The baristas were very nice and melodious when they’re serving my orders.

I got a tall size Hot Chocolate and a Chicken Fajita Roll, while the others I can’t remember.

Tall size of the Hot chocolate was enough for me that night. I actually like it a bit better than other cafe’s hot chocolate, but they’re perfect in their own ways.

The Chicken Fajita Roll was okay. It actually tastes like a burrito. Also, the addition of spices on the roll makes it more interesting to eat. But the roll itself is heavy enough for a midnight snack. I only consumed half of it since I felt good enough from its small serving, yet heavy to the tummy.

The place was okay, totally relaxing while looking at the jumping waters from the fountain; as well as the choo-choo train wandering around.

Starbucks Coffee
Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd. cor. Dona Hemady St., Quezon City

Original review written for Looloo.