Wednesday running

Went on another round of running workout this morning. I got up 30 minutes late so I hurriedly prepared myself for my workout. I started around 7 in the morning. The sun was higher and quite hotter from my usual 6:30 call time. I started running, with that “unprepared” feeling. My body were not in a good mood today so it ended up with a hurting ankle on my left foot, good thing, it’s okay now. Will do a good foot rest tonight to make me go again this Friday or Saturday. 🙂

Today’s workout results and some “fuel-up” songs

Today, I’ve started my day with running although I’ve only slept for 5 hours (approx). December mornings are very cold, so I’m quite struggled to get up and warm myself before hitting the running roads.

I’m actually surprised that I reached the first kilometer at 5:50 pace, but sooner turned to 6:05 pace/km. Not bad at all, although i felt like my legs are a bit tired for today, I still own it.

One of the songs that gets me going the whole run is this:

Definitely, one of my favorite Anneke’s song from her solo albums

Other songs included in my “Let’s Run!” playlist are:
Megadeth – Five Magics
Pantera – Goddamn Electric
Rush – The Spirit of Radio
Stratovarius – Eagleheart
Epica – Menace of Vanity
Arch Enemy – Ravenous
Puddle of Mudd – Drift & Die

Monday morning workout

Woke up with stuffy nose due to allergic rhinitis, but that didn’t hinder me from going out for a run. I, maybe, 1 hour late from my assembly time. I did it great and I think better than any of my previous records.

My not so tired feet! LOL. I took this photo during my “cool down”.

After running, I make sure that I re-hydrate myself with water and cool down (thru some more exercise and stretching) since muscles are contracted after doing workout. Also, eating after running isn’t a crime. In fact, you really need carbohydrates after running! This time, my all time favorite post-running workout breakfast meal is: Sliced Boiled egg with sliced tomato!

Tuesday morning run

Earlier this morning, I finally made a good 5km-run although I felt restless since I only slept for about 5 hours, and felt like I only have catnap the entire hours. Also, during the run, I felt tired right away after hitting the second kilometer, so take about 5 minutes rest by walking and did some stretching. As I’m reaching the last kilometer, I felt my appendix are shaking so I hurriedly stop. Anyway, here’s a lovely result though.

Today’s workout

Since I haven’t continued my running workout yesterday, I decided to go with in on a Thursday morning. Although I only got 4 hours of sleep and a runny nose, I still manage to make my running good. Not to mention that at the middle of my running, I felt like I needed to pee. So after hitting the 5KM, I decided to wrap it up and immediately did a 15-minute cool down, or else my bladder will explode on the streets! Yikes!

Anyway, not a bad result after all..

One song from the playlist that boosted my energy somehow..

Oi Va Voi – “Waiting”

This morning’s workout and some tips..

Last night, I told myself that I should do my running workout this morning before going to work. Although last night wasn’t that good since I’m having an allergic reaction before I fell asleep. I woke up about 30 minutes late from the supposed time I should wake up when I’m running. Bad uh!? Worse is I’m having a stuffy nose and soon I started sneezing over and over again. I felt like sleeping again but can’t go back to sleep anymore. So I get up on bed, and started my warm-up exercise since I decided to go for a quick run today.

Maybe you would ask me “Why? You’ve had colds but still, you decided to go for a run?” or maybe “Is it bad to go for a run when you have cold?” Well that’s actually a simple question I had in mind before making my decision. And yes, I found an answer, a very helpful answer!

Based on an article I found at, written by Debra Ronca; she mentioned that running is meditative, burns calories, builds your endurance and tones your body. Yes, that many people find the activity addictive as well as me. Now, she pointed out why people still continue with their running regimens even when they’re sick. She stated that most of sick people will curl up in bed, take a rest and have some hot soup with them; but some others don’t, instead, they still go out for a run even with they have colds.

Since I had the same situation at that moment, I found out more that the best way to decide whether it is safe to go for an exercise or not is to have this “neck check”, as the doctors call it as it is.

She emphasize that a person is free to go running if his/her cold is “above the neck” which specifies the following symptoms:
– Runny nose
– Nasal congestion
– Sneezing
– Sore throat
So, if you have those symptoms, feel free to go running or business as usual, but be more careful.

Doctors advise against proceeding with your exercise regimen if your symptoms are “below the neck”, however. The symptoms include:
– Chest congestion
– Hacking cough
– Nausea or upset stomach
– High fever
– Fatigue
– Body and muscle aches

She also includes in her article that some people think that running in cold temperatures will actually make them sick, which isn’t true. You can’t freeze your lungs or windpipe. Your body heats the air you breathe. When the air is particularly cold, you may feel a burning in your chest as you inhale. If that’s the case, try covering your mouth with a scarf or wearing a ski mask. That’ll help heat up the air before you inhale it.

Keep in mind, though, if you have an infection in your chest or throat, running outside can indeed make things worse (according to the below-the-neck rule). But if you have a simple head cold, it should be fine to take that run, even if it’s cold outside. The adrenaline running provides can even help clear up a stuffy head.

Always remember to know your limits and always listen to what your body is telling you.

Anyway, here’s a good result of my running workout this morning. Having colds but felt better after doing a quick run!

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Today’s workout


Back to my running workout… I recently encountered a not so good Monday yesterday. First, there are signs and possibilities that my asthma went back. Second, my insomnia is striking me very bad. As a result, my breathing wasn’t good after all.

So i went to bed early last night and decided to go for a run today even just for 5km. So, here’s to hoping for a better me in the next days! Stay healthy and keep positive! 🙂