Afternoon Delights at BonChon!

I went here at the SM Mall of Asia branch of BonChon chicken the afternoon before going to Ilocos for late lunch and early snack. I ordered for my all-time favorite Chicken Burger sandwich together with fries (Letter D from the menu set) [Soy garlic chicken with regular mayo].

There were quite amount of people dining in that time but that doesn’t hamper them for serving the food faster. I was in the middle of consuming my food when a big fly plunged into my drink, and I haven’t sip it yet. I told the crew about it, and I decided to just get me a bottled water; but, he insisted to have it replaced then. Okay, that was nice!

Supposed to be a perfect score for the ratings, but still, flies were flying around the place! Nyay!

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GF South Wing, SM Mall of Asia, Main Mall, JW Diokno Blvd.,
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay