Stream of Passion new album release show in 2014

Progressive metal band, Stream of Passion have announced on their website about their upcoming new album which has been funded by several fans across the globe through their Indiegogo campaign, and it went out well and even exceeded their expectations from the 60-day period of time. The album remained untitled, but the progress of the recordings has been posted by the band from their website.

On 24th October report:
“So the drums have been recorded and edited, and they are sounding FANTASTIC. Martijn has grown incredibly the last couple of years to become an even more amazing drummer; he was hitting those drums like there was no tomorrow! We are now busy recording guitars. Most of the tracking we’re doing at our place in Tilburg, to then reamp the parts with the amazing equipment at Sandlane Studios. Stephan and Eric are spending their morning hours riffing away and layering their parts into a massive wall of sound. It’s great to hear the songs taking shape, and see everything come together!”

The new album is due by mid-2014, and to celebrate this with the fans. The band will be performing at Bibelot, Dordrecht in 18th April 2014 for the CD release party of their new album. Tickets pre-sale has already started here.

You can also check for updates through the band’s YouTube channel, since they’re uploading studio report videos.