Paradise Lost released lyric video for “Loneliness Remains”

British gothic metal band, Paradise Lost have just released the lyric video for the new song titled “Loneliness Remains”. This new song will be part of the band’s upcoming compilation release called “Tragic Illusion 25”, which sets to be released on the 21st October under the Century Media. All tracks on this upcoming release are previously released rarities except for this new track and a re-recorded versions of “Gothic” (Gothic 2013) and “Our Saviour” (Our Saviour 2013).

Track listing:
1. Loneliness Remains
2. Never Take Me Alive (Spear Of Destiny Cover)
3. Ending Through Changes
4. The Last Fallen Saviour
5. Last Regret (Lost In Prague Orchestra Mix)
6. Faith Divides Us – Death Unites Us (Lost In Prague Orchestra Mix)
7. Cardinal Zero
8. Back On Disaster
9. Sons Of Perdition
10. Godless
11. Missing (Evrything But The Girl Cover)
12. Silent In Heart
13. Gothic 2013
14. Our Saviour 2013

Guitarist Greg Mackintosh comments: “As well as re-recording two of our early tracks for our 25th anthology, we decided to write and record a completely new track. In doing this we hope that we can show fans where we began and where we are now. ‘Loneliness Remains’ is the new track. It’s a fairly retro doom affair and we hope you enjoy it.”

The lyric video for “Loneliness Remains”:

Also, check the 2013 version of their 1991 hit song (of the same album), “Gothic” here.

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