Last Week’s Top 5

I’ve been so very busy the past weekend and I realized I forgot to post last week’s top 5 favorites. So here ya go! Better late than never!!!

5. “Paper Waves” by The Gathering – (Triprock/Alternative rock)

4. “Sleep All Day” by Jazon Mraz – (Pop rock)

3. “Promises” by The Cranberries – (Indie Rock)

2. “Sennen” by Ride – (Shoegaze rock)

1. “Ever Dream” by Nightwish – (Symphonic Power metal)
[Live performance from Wacken Open Air 2013 with Floor Jansen]

Top 5 pick!

Hello guys, here I am again for a new post for my “Weekly Top 5”! I also decided to make a separate section on it, for easier viewing. Anyway, here’s the top 5 most played song on my playlist.

5. The Killers – Miss Atomic Bomb (Indie rock)

4. Ayreon – Valley of the Queens (Progressive Rock/Metal)

*there are also other versions: Stream of Passion cover & Floor Jansen cover

3. Agua de Annique & Anneke van Giersbergen – I Want (Triprock/Pop rock)

2. After Forever – Energized Me (Progressive Metal)

1. Foxboro Hot Tubs – Alligator (Punk rock)


I hope you enjoy this week’s pick! Happy weekend!

This week’s top 5!

Happy Friday everybody! Tonight I decided to list down my TOP 5 songs of the past week!
So here they are, enjoy!

5. Kitchens of Distinction – Drive That Fast (Shoegaze)

4. Lush – Desire Lines (Shoegaze)

3. Emma6 – Leuchtfeuer (Indie Pop)

2. Within Temptation – Stand My Ground (Symphonic Rock/Metal)

1. Prefab Sprout – List of Impossible Things (Pop Rock)

The weekly top 5!

Hello guys, as you all know I’m a BIG MUSIC FREAK! So I decided to share some songs that I’ve been addicted to the past week. I decided to name it “Weekly top 5”, which of course contained 5 songs that have the most plays in my music player in that week. So countdown begins!

5. Portico Quartet – “Knee-deep in the north”

4. Nightwish – “Ghost river”

3. My Bloody Valentine – “Soon”

2. Pantera – “Yesterday means no shit”

1. The Gathering – “Meltdown”