Primal Fear released samples from upcoming release

German Power metal band, Primal Fear will be releasing their new studio album called “Delivering The Black” on 24th of January 2014. The band have also released their first single, “When Death Comes Knocking” accompanied with a music video that you can watch below.

Ralf Scheepers stated these words in an interview with Jump Metal about their latest offering:
“It’s not so far away [from what we’ve done in the past], because we have our style, you know. It was hard for us to imagine… because [2012’s] ‘Unbreakable’ was a pretty tough… and really, in our ears, pretty great album, and for us, it was somehow hard to top it. But as soon as we started to write the new songs, and as soon as I heard what Mat and Magnus [Karlsson, guitar] did in the first place — because then they sent me some stuff and I added my ideas on it — I just thought, ‘Wow, this is amazing.’ And in the end, it really turned out to be a better album than ‘Unbreakable’.”

Track listing:
1. King For A Day
2. Rebel Faction
3. When Death Comes Knocking
4. Alive & On Fire
5. Delivering The Black
6. Road To Asylum
7. One Night In December
8. Never Pray For Justice
9. Born With A Broken Heart
10. Innocent Man *
11. Inseminoid
12. Man Without Shadow *
13. When Death Comes Knocking (Single Edit) *
* Only available on deluxe edition

DVD (only available with deluxe edition)
– When Death Comes Knocking (video)
– King For A Day (video)
– Making Of The Album (video)

To listen to the audio samples of Primal Fear‘s “Delivering The Black”, click here.