Ending the day with a cup!

After the last minute shopping with friends, we decided to stay here at Starbucks Coffee for a while and have a great chat accompanied by a cup of our favorite drink.

The café were almost full that night; but good thing, we got a good seats outside. The baristas were very nice and melodious when they’re serving my orders.

I got a tall size Hot Chocolate and a Chicken Fajita Roll, while the others I can’t remember.

Tall size of the Hot chocolate was enough for me that night. I actually like it a bit better than other cafe’s hot chocolate, but they’re perfect in their own ways.

The Chicken Fajita Roll was okay. It actually tastes like a burrito. Also, the addition of spices on the roll makes it more interesting to eat. But the roll itself is heavy enough for a midnight snack. I only consumed half of it since I felt good enough from its small serving, yet heavy to the tummy.

The place was okay, totally relaxing while looking at the jumping waters from the fountain; as well as the choo-choo train wandering around.

Starbucks Coffee
Robinsons Magnolia, Aurora Blvd. cor. Dona Hemady St., Quezon City

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Dessert Time at DQ!

Got a Dairy Queen Sandwich as a dessert after eating dinner. For 39,00 pesos, you’ll surely enjoy a big bite of Vanilla ice cream nested between 2 yummy chocolate wafers!

Dairy Queen
LG/F Foodcourt Area, Robinson’s Magnolia,
Aurora Blvd. cor. Dona Hemady St., Quezon City

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Lechon dinner at Mang Caloy’s

Last weekend, I went to Robinson’s Magnolia with friends to buy some Christmas presents and presents for ourselves as well. The mall itself is cozy and much better than the other malls I went to. But no doubt, that the Robinson’s mall in Malate were still bigger. Anyway, we were on the hunt for food when we came in around 20:00. We thought Chicken BonChon would be a good idea but we saw this in front of BonChon, which is the Lechon de Cebu ni Mang Caloy.

I had the Crispy Lechon Sisig, since I’ve been craving for sisig for days now. They allotted about 5 minutes to prepare our dish, and here we had our Lechon sisig.

I would say that it’s really good. Crispy, generous with the serving and very tasty. I just squeezed the calamansi and it’s perfect, no need for additional soy sauce based on my taste. My friends got to try it and liked it as much as I did. I wish they could add more and more varieties with their menu.

Lechon de Cebu ni Mang Caloy
LG Foodcourt Area, Robinsons Magnolia
Aurora Blvd. cor. Dona Hemady St., Quezon City

All day in bed for dinner!

My tummy was not in good shape last Thursday night but hunger strikes so I needed to eat before taking my medicines. I’m choosing between this and the other foodspots inside CGS (California Garden Square); but since I’m for the lighter meals, I decided to eat here at the All Day Breakfast In Bed.

I ordered for Eggs Benedict and a cup of hot Jasmine tea. I thought having a cup of hot tea was a good idea though, cause I’m not sure if i’m bloated or what. Weird tummy, well at least, it’s better than having soda or juice.

The place were full so the order was served around 20 minutes. But my tea has been served 10 minutes earlier. I even asked for raw sugar, too bad they only have white and muscovado sugar.

When my order came in, I thought the presentation was poorly done and thought it will taste bland. I took my first bite on the bread, it was okay. The egg was all over the plate, but it tastes good. On the other hand, the bacons were too tough but there were parts that it’s okay. It’s crispy, yay!

The place looks cool and manly ala Cuppacakes place! Haha. There were only 2 servers that night, but they’re very attentive and customer friendly.

All Day Breakfast in Bed
California Garden Square, Libertad St., Mandaluyong City

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Within Temptation premieres music video for “Dangerous”

Dutch symphonic rock band, Within Temptation have premiered the music video for their new single “Dangerous” taken from the upcoming album, “Hydra”. The song features the former vocalist of the metalcore band Killswitch Engage, Howard Jones.

Order the digital single here.
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Afternoon Delights at Café Mary Grace

Went here at Café Mary Grace to buy something for dessert, since this was too near from my workplace. The place were full of customers and everyone’s busy. Seriously, nobody wanted to take my order? Was it because I’m the only customer who were alone that time or maybe the spot I was sitting at was quite isolated? Quite annoying though.

I ordered for a piece of Tiramisu cake and Strawberry fruitshake for take-out.

Waited for about 15 minutes and they have my order placed in a cozy paper bag. And so I suddenly left cause it’s almost 13:00, without being aware that i haven’t got my change yet. I just learnt that when I’m already at the office, and I realized, deym 200 pesos for tip!?? LOL.

Now for the food. The Strawberry fruitshake on the first sip was like “lasang gamot”. But then, I realized it was actually fresh strawberries. Tiramisu was great for me. I like it, and makes me crave for more.

I will surely go back here to try their other cakes, especially their cheesecake, and the Blackberry fruitshake.

Café Mary Grace
Kalayaan Ave. cor. P. Burgos St., Makati City

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Late night cheesecake!

I was craving for something sweet after having a very short “nomo session” with my friends at their condominium unit. Luckily, there was this nearest cafe around the area that time, which is the BeanPerk Coffee shop along Calbayog Street.

I ordered for their 2 varieties of cheesecake, which are the White chocolate cheesecake and Blueberry cheesecake respectively. (only if i could still remember the name of the first one correctly). I took it on-the-go!

When I got home, I immediately taste it. The white one is so good and delicious. Although it’s kind of too sweet but I like the mixture of white chocolate toppings with its cheesy layer cake. Perfectly paired!

The blueberry one, on the other hand, is bland! Seriously, it tastes bland. The blueberry toppings were good but the cake itself tastes nothing. Nyay!

My mom also thought the same thing when I shared it with her. And she even ate and finished the 3/4 of the white one.

As for the customer service… I must say, they have lovely server! 😀 The serving was fast since there were only few customers that night, well it’s almost around 23:00.

BeanPerk Coffee shop
Calbayog St. cor. Domingo M. Guevarra St.,
Mandaluyong City

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